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About CatMoviez

This site was originally designed as an Access application way back in August 1998.
It happened one night when Tomer found out that he is watching a movie he has already seen, but forgot he did.
So he started writing down the movies he had seen until the evil roomate Vova wanted to do it as well.
That's how the website was born and the migration to MS SQL Server began.

About Wyvern Technlogies

Wyvern Technologies was founded in 2005 by Tomer Rosenthal and long lost friend Moshe Elisha.
Wyvern at start, released many small helpful applications such as SQL++, Wyvern Multibrowse and P2PPP (Peer-To-Peer Plus Plus).
Creative differences caused the company to split into two companies, Coretal and Wyvern. (Though we are all still good friends).
Wyvern consists of 3 employees / volunteers : Tomer Rosenthal, Vova Voloshin & Chen.
Wyvern only active product is this website.

About Tomer Rosenthal

Tomer Rosenthal was born in 1981 in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Has been programming since the age of 8 and currently is working on several internet projects.
Served 8 years in the Israeli army, discharged at the rank of Captain.
His only hobby is movies, and to keep on updating the IMDB Top 250 to make sure he saw everything.

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